Ossi Saarinen

My name is Ossi Saarinen. Iím 23-year-old nature photographer from Espoo, Finland. Iíve had a huge enthusiasm for nature and especially animals since I was a kid. I took my very first photos with a DSLR-camera in January 2015. I fell in love with photographing immediately and ever since Iíve spent most of my time in the nature photographing whatever Iíve found. I started with all kind of subjects but later focused on Finnish wildlife.

Hobby turned to a job and today I make my living with photographing and things related to it. At the same time Iíve been trying to continue my geography studies in the University of Helsinki.

My typical photographing day starts before the sunrise when the animals are most active. I grab my camera and zoom-lens, put them in my backpack and head out to the forests near my home. Most of the time is walking around searching for the animals or laying down and waiting. When the day gets brighter I go back home to rest and prepare for the evening


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